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Welcome to the site of Astrakhan regional public organization of families, having three or more children!

Astrakhan regional public organization is voluntary unit of residents bringing up three or more children. It is organized to relieve such families. It was found in Astrakhan city in 1992.

The main aims of organization:

  • strengthening of a family as a basis of community, bringing up of healthy and developed mentally children
  • making suggestions at improving of life of families having 3 or more children through mass media and legislative power, involving members of the organization to bring active solutions of social and life's problems
  • material, psychological, pedagogical help to larger families
День рождение
Our projects:
  • to open free computer class with access to Internet for children of poor and larger families in every districts of Astrakhan city
  • to open free centre of juridical and psychological help for children of poor and large families
  • to make suggestions in future laws with account of interest of families having 3 or more children (law suggestions)
  • to cooperate and to make links with public organizations, companies and funds of Russia (like SRRC) and other countries
  • to organize journey of Sport Center Taekwondo for children and youth to overseas


phone. (8512)794-784
e-mail: bigsemya@inbox.ru
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